Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy

pillow for pregnant women

What is the best body pillow for pregnant women?

This page covers a review or two on some of the body pillows for pregnant women. The only pillow I don’t have reviews for is the pillowband because it is practically brand new. Although I do have a comment from a chiropractor that recommends the pillowband for her clients.

This is what she said……. “What a great help for my patients! Loss of sleep because of pain is a major factor in delayed healing. My patients using the pillow band are finding a good night’s rest much more achievable because of the way the pillows can now put the support where they need it most. It supports the knees and hips, taking strain off of those areas and the lower back as well. I also appreciate its support with pregnant patients, as it alleviates torque on the uterus and hips. Overall, I am finding that using the pillow band supports the very structures we are trying to heal, which saves the patient time, money, and discomfort. What a great product!” – Rebecca Whittaker, D.C.Whittaker Chiropractic

Leachco a well known producer of pregnancy pillow is in the top of the chain. They are the makers of top selling pregnancy pillows in the market. Snoozer also has a following. They have done well in getting their products out into the marketplace. Alot of women like the snoozer with only a few complaints.

Other producers of pregnancy pillows include Dreamgenii, Theraline, and Boppy just to name a few. Even Walmart and Target have body pillows on the market. But a body pillow may not be all you need for a good night’s rest. You may want lower back support from behind also.

Leachco recently created a body pillow that offers this. I’m not pregnant, but this looks interesting. It’s called the Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body System. So far I haven’t heard any reviews but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is considered to be the best body pillow by pregnant women.

It is kind of like the pillowband because you can lay between two pillows. The difference is the Body Bumper Contoured System comes with pillows already. By the photos I’ve seen it doesn’t look like you can seperate the pillows but you can readjust them. But if you can seperate them the strap that holds them together will only work for the pillows it comes with.

Also I’m not sure that when you lay between the two pillows if the pillows pull towards your body like the Pillowband or the Utterly Yours pillow does.

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