A Strange Thursday Morning


morningThis isn’t X-Files strange, just a day or so of oddness. And maybe that’s not really the right term. Let me put it this way, I am extremely predictable. I take the same route to work, watch the same shows on TV, I’ve even caught myself wearing the same shirt the same day every week.

When I started to think of it as my “Monday” shirt I, at least, put a stop to that. When I go to certain places to eat, I order the same thing. I get home about the same time every night, and save yard work for the weekends. That’s where the oddness starts. Tuesday night I got home at the usual time. Being summer, there was still plenty of daylight left and there were some bushes that needed a good haircut.

I got the loppers out and trimmed them back to decency. In the process I pulled something in my left shoulder. Yesterday morning there was a bit of a twinge, and still this morning I’m in a bit of pain if I lift my arm the wrong way.I mentioned yesterday that I was getting a new Smart Phone. That’s not really odd, but I’ve had the same phone for nearly three years. It came in while I was at work. It’s going to take me a week to get used to all the new capabilities.

Like I said, not really odd, but when I got home and went to activate the phone my carrier’s activation system was down. It was about two hours later that I was able to get the thing going. Earlier yesterday, on the way to work, I tried to use my debit card and it was declined even though there was more than enough balance to offset the small purchase I was trying to make.

I called customer support and they assured me I had plenty in that account and that some security feature had been triggered inadvertently. They also claimed that they had fixed it. They hadn’t, as I discovered when I went to lunch. Thankfully I had enough cash. Another call to customer support, a transfer to card security, several minutes of answering questions and confirming previous transaction and I was good to go.

This time they were right. I checked on the way home.Of course, when I got online last night one of the things I checked was the number of visitors to great american run. On a typical day I will get 250-500 visits, a number I’m always trying to increase. Last night that number was over 10000, ending the day at 14,946. What? What great bit of writing could have possibly brought in that many views?

Come to find out that it wasn’t my great writing, but a picture of Danica Patrick that I posted months ago that had moved up to the top of one of the search engines image listings. See? Not odd odd, but not typical either. I wonder what today will bring. I hope I can get my shirt on without help. My “Thursday” shirt is one of my favorites.

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